Dropbox’s New Apps Mailbox, Carousel, Off to a Fine Start

Mailbox app iconDropbox added new apps to its roster on April 9, debuting photo app Carousel on the Apple App Store and Google Play plus launching email app Mailbox on Google Play.

Now that a few days have passed since both apps released, we took a peak at the rankings with Distimo App Trends for Carousel on the Apple App Store (iPhone only) and Google Play in addition to Mailbox on Google Play.

apple-app-store_dropbox_carousel-by-dropbox_US_rankings_1910_119_1Carousel debuted in the top 25 on the U.S. iPhone top Photo & Video free chart in its first few days of release (above). Carousel’s iPhone rank, however, started to decline soon after on April 14 and April 15.

On Google Play, Carousel‘s rank on the U.S. Google Play top free Photography chart has slowly increased each day since release (below). Note, it usually takes slightly longer to move up the Google Play charts than the iOS charts.

google-play-store_dropbox-inc_carousel_US_rankings_1910_572_-1 (1)Dropbox’s email app Mailbox found itself in the top 25 on the U.S. Google Play top Productivity free chart within three days of availability (below).

google-play-store_dropbox-inc_mailbox_US_rankings_1910_229_-1So far, Dropbox’s new apps are off to an admirable start. We look forward to tracking the growth of these apps over the coming months.

Scott Reyburn

LinkedIn’s iOS Rankings Bubble Up on a Weekday

LinkedIn app iconIt appears people search for jobs on their company’s dime.

LinkedIn’s iOS app demonstrated a stable yet interesting pattern that repeated every week. We found through Distimo App Trends that people mostly downloaded the social networking for professionals app on a weekday. This may indicate that people are searching for new jobs while at their current jobs.

In each of the past four weeks, LinkedIn attained the highest ranks on both the U.S. iPhone and iPad top overall free charts on a weekday. In the graphs below, LinkedIn’s U.S. iPhone and iPad top overall free ranks bubbles up during the weekdays and deflates during the weekends.

LinkedIn iPhone top overall free Distimo App TrendsLinkedIn iPad top overall free Distimo App Trends Continue reading

Scott Reyburn

The Data Behind Amazon’s Newly Acquired Platform – Comixology

Comics by Comixology app iconThe world’s largest bookseller Amazon expanded its digital media offering when it acquired digital comics platform Comixology on April 10 for an undisclosed sum of money.

Comixology is an online comic book and graphic novel seller that offers over 50,000 digital versions of comics and graphic novels from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics and many more. Comixology’s platform also powers many other comic apps, including Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

Comixiology sells its content via the web, a Windows 8 app, and mobile apps on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Comixology’s mobile app Comics is known for consistently maintaining a high rank on the top grossing charts for both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

We sunk our teeth into Comics’ data in Distimo AppIQ and Distimo App Trends, looking for interesting downloads, revenue and rankings discoveries.

Comics Brings Home the Bacon on Wednesdays

Comixology releases new content for Comics every Wednesday. In accordance with Comics’ content refresh every week, we saw weekly revenue increases on a consistent basis on the U.S. Apple App Store (past six months from October 14, 2013 to April 12, 2014). This is also reflected in the grossing ranks, which typically displayed weekly peaks on both the iPhone and iPad platforms (shown below).

Comics' weekly grossing ranks spikes Continue reading

Scott Reyburn

Intuit’s TurboTax cracks Candy Crush Saga in Gross Revenue on iPad

Tuesday, April 15 (before midnight) was the official IRS filing deadline this year for the U.S. The IRS is partnered with several commercial e-filing services, and one of these is TurboTax.

Intuit’s mobile tax filing app TurboTax 2013 promotes its services as an efficient way to ‘do taxes on your iPad from the comfort of your couch’. While filing taxes has been on many people’s to do list from the beginning of the year, a ‘procrastination effect’ was also visible in our estimates from Distimo AppIQ.

While TurboTax 2013 was released on January 9, 2014, it showed an increase in downloads in the past few days before the filing deadline. The app is free, but generates revenue through in-app purchases, once taxes are filed (starting at $49.99 per return for federal tax returns, state additional). The top in-app purchase as reported in the Apple App Store is the ‘Deluxe Federal And State’ package for $89.99.

Rankings and Revenue

On the day of the IRS filing deadline, April 15, TurboTax 2013 reached grossing rank number two on iPad in the U.S.:

Even today, the grossing charts for iPad in the U.S., still show the TurboTax app at No. 2, in between Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga:

This ranking indicates that the revenue generated from the tax filing app exceeded the revenue from King’s top grossing app Candy Crush Saga on the iPad platform during this day.

Grossing rank No. 2 was the highest rank reached so far. In the Apple App Store the app was also recently featured under ‘Tax Time’ from April 4 to April 10.

With TurboTax 2013, Intuit showcased that it’s possible to surpass top established game apps, at least for a day.

Christel Schoger

Distimo Tracks Launch Amazon Fire TV Apps From the Amazon Appstore

Amazon Fire TV Fire standingAmazon entered the streaming media player thunderdome with the unveiling of Amazon Fire TV on April 2.

Amazon is now in a battle royal versus existing streaming media device contenders, including Roku, Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

Amazon’s Fire TV is a set-top box ($99) that features a wide-variety of streaming content, including movies, TV shows, games and more. Most of the content is delivered via apps from the Amazon Appstore that are compatible with Fire TV.

With the help of Distimo App Trends, we identified many Fire TV-compatible apps. There’s both standalone apps from the Amazon Appstore that are made for Fire TV as well as existing apps that were either updated with Fire TV compatibility or released as a separate app that’s designed for Fire TV.

Here’s some interesting Fire TV apps and trends we found via Distimo App Trends:

Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps were the cream of the crop among the Fire TV apps, as expected.

Streaming media giant Netflix released a separate app on the Amazon Appstore that’s just for Amazon’s Fire TV (Trends here for the existing Netflix app). Check out it’s ranks in the Amazon Appstore top entertainment free chart below:

Netflix Fire TV Amazon Appstore Distimo App Trends Continue reading

Scott Reyburn

Microsoft Unveils Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad, Engulfs iPad Global Charts

iPad users rejoiced afters years of no Microsoft Office app support for Apple’s tablet.

Microsoft unveiled Office for Apple’s iPad on March 27 in the form of three separate apps — Microsoft Word for iPad, Microsoft Excel for iPad and Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad.

From March 28 to April 10, the suite of Microsoft Office apps for iPad have completed a clean sweep of the top three places on the U.S. iPad top overall free chart, with Microsoft Word at the No. 1 rank everyday, Excel at No. 2 everyday and PowerPoint at No. 3 everyday.

At their peaks, Word ranked No. 1 on the iPad top overall free chart in 122 countries on April 1, Excel ranked No. 2 in 90 countries on March 29 and PowerPoint ranked No. 3 in 87 countries on March 29.

So which Office app monetized the best? To answer that, we measured downloads and revenue estimates with our app market intelligence tool AppIQ.

Word Racks Up the Most Revenue

Total global revenue share Microsoft Word leads with 55 percent v2In a seven-day period from March 27 to April 2, we analyzed daily combined revenue worldwide between Word, Excel and PowerPoint, discovering that Word accounted for a 55 percent share of the total global revenue between the Office apps for iPad (above). Continue reading

Scott Reyburn

Dropbox Launches Mailbox for Android, New Photo Sharing App Carousel

Carousel logoFile hosting service Dropbox expanded its mobile app portfolio yesterday, announcing Mailbox for Android and Carousel, a new photo and video archive and sharing service.

Email app Mailbox (free), which originally launched on iPhone in February 2013, made its way to Google Play yesterday. The Android version works much in the same way as its iOS counterpart, featuring gesture-based controls and a minimal design.

For background on Mailbox, we took a look at Mailbox’s ranking data on Distimo App Trends. Over the past four weeks, Mailbox for iPhone ranked around the top 100 on the iPhone top free productivity chart (below).

Mailbox productivity free iPhone Distimo App TrendsCarousel is an app that allows you to store and share photos and videos through any platform, including mobile (iOS and Android). Essentially, Dropbox took its existing photo and video storing capabilities and spun those capabilities out as a standalone app.

Stay tuned to the Distimo blog to find out if Mailbox makes a splash on Android and if Carousel becomes the next photo storing service of choice.

Scott Reyburn

Social Casino Gaming Report Part 3: Measuring the Casino Category on Mobile App Stores

As we’ve revealed in the first two parts of our social casino gaming report, social casino games are a key cog in the global market for mobile apps.

There are 20 publishers of social casino games among the top 100 grossing publishers worldwide on the Apple App Store, and 19 publishers among the top 100 on Google Play (see Social Casino Gaming Report part 1).

And there are 13 social casino games among the top 100 grossing apps globally on both the Apple App Store and Google Play (see Social Casino Gaming Report part 2).

For the final leg (part 3) of this report, we’ve examined the casino category on both the Apple App Store and Google Play from a macro perspective, peering into the category as a whole.

All data estimates in this report were extracted from Distimo AppIQ.

The U.S. is the Most Lucrative Country in the Social Casino Market

We began our analysis of the casino category by highlighting the top 10 countries that generated the most revenue in the Games-Casino category on the Apple App Store.

Top 10 countries by revenue in Games-Casino categoryIn 2013 (from January to December), the U.S. was the most lucrative country for social casino games in the Games-Casino category on iOS (above). In total, four out of the five countries among the top five most profitable countries were English-speaking countries, including Australia, Canada and the U.K. Continue reading

Scott Reyburn

A Truly Global Market Perspective – Additional AppIQ countries

The world just got more transparent. Distimo is excited to announce the addition of a host of countries to our AppIQ product.  AppIQ lets users access the most accurate daily download and revenue estimates for any app, straight from a web interface or the Distimo App.

In order to continue our pledge to Solve The App Puzzle, we have added a plethora of new countries to our iOS and Google Play data points, allowing us to report on the download and revenue metric for the entire global app-ecosystem.

With the addition of new countries such as Malaysia, which ranks at # 17 in revenue share in Asia on Google Play, we are proud to boast the truest global perspective for market data in the industry.


In an effort to provide insights into highly localized and unique markets, we’ve added countries with comparably smaller markets such as: Cambodia, Macao, Nigeria, Cyprus, Estonia and more.

To give our clients better insight into the rising Eastern European market, we now also support countries like: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland and more. These additions allow for a holistic view of the global app eco-system; no matter what your app data needs, AppIQ will be able to provide the most accurate global insights. The countries we support generate over 98% of the global revenue on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

With the addition of these Eastern and Central European countries Distimo AppIQ now supports almost all of Europe for iOS and Google Play.

If you are interested in learning more about AppIQ, please reach out to us by filling out this short contact form.

Tanisha Gupta

Top Global Apps March 2014

We are already more than one quarter of the way through 2014 and now in early April, it is time to look at March 2014 and the new globally top performing apps. In this blog post we highlight the leading free, paid, and grossing apps for the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore. The charts in this blog post are based on Distimo AppIQ data, covering the full month of March 2014 on a globally aggregated level.

Top Free Apps

The ‘flappy wave’ from February seems to be over in March, at least there is nothing remotely flappy visible at the top of the global charts in the Apple App Store anymore:

Top 5 Free Apps in the Apple App Store Publisher
1. Smash Hit Mediocre AB
2. YouTube Google, Inc.
3. Farm Heroes Saga King.com Limited
4. Facebook Facebook, Inc.
5. Google Maps Google, Inc.

Instead of more clones, we saw a completely new game smashing its way to the top of the free charts of the Apple App Store: Smash Hit. As we reported previously, the action game was the most downloaded game during last month, being found on the number one spot of Apple’s free charts almost every day in March 2014. After the United States, the game was most popular in China and Japan, while in these three countries alone were responsible for more than half of the March downloads. The creators of the game at Mediocre AB (who were seen before in the top charts with their initial app success: Sprinkle Islands), were also lucky enough to receive lots of features in the Apple App Store globally, in categories as ‘Best New Games’ or ‘Fun Runners’, among others.

Continue reading

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